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Special lighting and accessories for terrariums

Close to nature, economical, durable: SolarRaptor products perfectly simulate the natural living conditions of a wide variety of reptile species from all corners of the earth.

In addition to vital UV spots, you will find infrared lamps as well as lighting solutions that mimic moonlight in the extensive SolarRaptor range; special lamp sockets and shades as well as protective grids provide effective protection against burns.

SolarRaptor products are characterised by durability and the stable UV levels that are vital for your animals; thoughtful design also makes fitting the products easier than ever: cutting cables, stripping insulation and other laborious preparatory work is a thing of the past – SolarRaptor offers you practical features that you have always been looking for in comparative products.

Discover a comprehensive range of high-quality articles with which you can make your terrarium the optimal living and well-being space for your animals!

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