Radiation Meters / UV Meters

Digital hand-held measuring instruments for UV and visible light

Wherever light with UV components is used, it is important to check the radiation intensity. This can be for reasons of health protection, for example when using UV lighting in terrariums, where the proper function and the values achieved must be checked continuously to keep the animals safeand healthy.

Also in laboratories and practices, the proven handheld light meters of the Solarmeter® brand are used, e.g. for checking the operational safety of sterilisation lamps, UV hardening lamps in the dental field or for light therapies (red/blue light phototherapy). Light-sensitive people appreciate the safety that Solarmeter® measuring instruments bring to their everyday lives. Cosmetic light applications, such as in tanning studios – but also outdoors (measuring the UV index ) require constant monitoring of emissions, too.

Further applications of Solarmeter® hand-held radiation measuring devices can be found in the manufacture and use of radiation-minimising glass, Plexiglas or outdoor window films.

And finally, the ever-growing use of solar energy for photovoltaics represents a field of application for the hand-held meters, for example to determine the solar irradiance for optimal placement of photovoltaic (PV) systems.

Solarmeter® is the registered trade mark of Solar Light Company Inc. for special light radiation hand-held meters.

As the industry leader in the design and manufacture of UV and visible light radiometers, the wide product range of Solarmeter® handheld meters offers solutions for any application for measuring lamp irradiance versus ageing.

The measuring instruments allow both snapshot measurements and precise long-term measurements. Thanks to their wide measuring ranges, they cover a wide spectrum of products, from lamp systems with very low to systems with decidedly high intensity.

They allow reliable power and ageing determination and help to avoid health hazards — not only those caused by artificial lighting, but also those emanating from natural solar irradiation.

In this respect, Solarmeter® measuring instruments prove themselves to a remarkable high standard thanks to their unrivalled reliability and durability:

Solarmeter® measuring instruments combine their powerful functionality with clear and simple operation. UV meters from Solarmeter® provide reliable measurement results and offer solutions for every requirement with the wide product range.

Solarmeter® Light Meters

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