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    You are interested in our products and services and need further information? Or you prefer to talk to us directly?

    Then please feel free to send us an enquiry or a callback request. Our service team will contact you ASAP and send you the requested information.


    Telefon: +49 (0)2203 185 02-0
    Telefon: +49 (0)2203 185 02-23
    Email: info@econlux.de

    Office: Welserstrasse 5-7
    D-51149 Köln (Cologne)

    Warehouse: Fuggerstraße 3
    D-51149 Cologne

    Office Hours

    Monday-Thursday: 9:00-16:30
    Friday: 9:00-14:00


    Industrial lighting for commercial customers directly through us – just call or e-mail.

    In addition, many of our SolarRaptor and SolarStinger products are available in pet supply shops. Please send dealer enquiries by e-mail to info@econlux.de

    We comply with the legal warranty regulations.

    Information on industrial lighting is stored with each product and can also be found in full in the download area.

    Details of the pet supplies products are provided with each product.

    All lamps operated via the DRV series are dimmable: SunStrip 35, SunStrip 70, Sunstrip 140, UnderwaterTubes, SunStrip 35 Reptile and Invertebrate SunStrips.

    UV-B radiation is emitted by all mixed light sources, all HID lamps and the T5 UV-B tubes.

    “Spot” stands for bundled/spot radiation. “Flood” stands for scattered/area radiation.